Career Coaching

Are you:

  • Graduating from high school or college?

  • Transitioning out of the military?

  • Looking for a career change?

  • Laid off from your job?

  • Would you like a career that utilizes your strengths and skills and fulfills your passion and interests?


For whatever reason you find yourself exploring alternate career options, a skilled coach can assist you as you make this major life transition.


There are three steps to our Career Coaching process.


Part 1: Identifying the Career

The Occupational Environment Measure (OEM) is a tool which assesses gifts, strengths and interests, then matches these strengths with jobs and careers. Using the OEM, we help people explore a variety of career options based on personal preferences and interests. This helps people choose careers that lead to job longevity and satisfaction.

Part 2: Resume Writing

Your Career Coach will assist you in building a resume according to education, skills, experience, and employment history.

Part 3: Job Interview Planning

Your final step involves education, exercises and roleplays that will prepare you for the job interview process.