Conflict and disagreements are stressful, and we often have a difficult time talking about our interests and concerns.

3RDWAY mediation offers a safe environment for people to identify issues of conflict, express their needs and interests, explore mutually agreeable solutions, and negotiate satisfying settlements. ​Your mediator will function as a neutral third party to facilitate conversation, assure fairness, and assist parties in moving the process forward.​


I have successfully negotiated large and small settlements in the following case matters:​

  • Community Concerns

  • Small Claims

  • Domestic Relations/Civil Unions

  • Divorce

  • Personal Injury

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Labor Relations and Workplace Conflict

  • Employment Issues

if you need help resolving a dispute, and need a mediator who will assure fairness and assist parties in moving the process forward, I can help you!