Conflict and disagreements are stressful, and oftentimes we have a difficult time talking about our interests and concerns.

Our mediation process offers a safe environment for parties to  identify issues of conflict, express their needs and interests, explore mutually agreeable solutions, and negotiate satisfying settlements. 

As a Mediator, I will not offer solutions, decide right or wrong, or offer legal advice. My role is to function as a neutral, third party to facilitate conversation, assure fairness, and assist parties in moving the process forward.

Mediation is available in the following formats:

  • In person (I will accommodate parties requesting to be in separate rooms during mediation)

  • Video conferencing

  • Telephone


I have successfully negotiated large and small settlements in the following case matters:

Animal Related Matters

Domestic Relations/Civil Unions

Civil Matters

Workplace Conflict

Community Concerns

Small Claims


Personal Injury/Product Liability​

Domestic Relations

Neighbor Relations

School Related



Labor Relations

Employment Issues


Family Matters

Civil Unions  

Mediation sessions are confidential.

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."

-Peter Drucker


Life Coaching


Are you:

  • Graduating from high school or college?

  • Experiencing an unexpected obstacle?

  • Feeling a lack of drive or motivation?

  • Losing direction and focus?

  • Needing to set a goal for the future?

  • In transition from one thing to the next?


Any life challenge whether personal, relational or professional can tend to set us back, slow us down or even stop us from moving forward altogether.


As a Life Coach, I will help you:

  • Identify obstacles and challenges

  • Create an action plan with concrete goals

  • Make the necessary changes to accomplish these goals

  • By providing accountability, encouragement, and support to ensure that you follow your plan

What is the difference between counseling and life coaching?

Counselors analyze, offer advice, and help clients to see connections between the past and the present.

Life coaching is future-oriented and not centered around exploring the past.

Life Coaches listen, ask questions, challenge, provide accountability for action steps, and guide you to self discovery as you establish a plan and set goals for moving towards your desired future. 

If you're interested in pursuing a change in your life, and are in need of a professional to offer guidance as you developing action steps to move you forward towards your desired  goals, then Life Coaching is perfect for you!

Training and Curriculum Development

I develop customized curriculum that is:

  • Designed to suit diverse populations

  • Offered in a variety of delivery formats

  • Created to accommodate a variety of learning styles

  • Suitable for individuals, families, businesses and faith organizations


Curriculum is developed using experiential and interactive strategies to foster education, conversation, and development.

If you are interested in development for yourself, your family, your church, or your business, materials can be personalized to fit your needs.  


Popular curriculum requests include:






Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault                    


Sexual Abuse  

Gender Identity


Racial Conflict                             




I am an international public speaker and educator who provides consultation and training for individuals, families, businesses, and faith organizations, with experience on topics such as substance abuse, cross-cultural competency, conflict management, dispute resolution, marriage and family dynamics, and domestic violence and sexual assault.


Career Placement Coaching


Are you:

  • Graduating from high school or college?

  • Transitioning out of the military?

  • Wanting to experience more personal growth?

  • Desiring a higher salary?

  • Looking for a career change?

  • Laid off from your job?

  • Beginning the pursuit of a career that will be satisfying?


Whatever your reasons might be for pursuing alternate career options, it may be helpful to have an objective and skilled coach to walk you through the process of making major life decisions, or when navigating major life transitions


Career Placement Coaching will help you write a resume, prepare you for job interviews, expose you to careers you may not have known existed, and help you identify potential career paths.

With the use of The MajorsOEM (Occupational Environment Measure), clients will explore a variety of career choices and discover how personal preferences and interests can inform career choices that foster job longevity and satisfaction.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.