Welcome to 3rdWay

We all want to remove negativity from our lives and develop a skill set to help us build meaningful relationships and maintain a positive outlook on life. But sometimes, circumstances of life cause us to feel overwhelmed, distraught, angry, withdrawn or depressed.

​Coaching helps you cultivate the skills you need to adopt and maintain new habits.

As your professional coach, I will help you overcome personal challenges, establish action steps to achieve your desired goals, and be accountable as you strive to create your balanced, best life.

A Professional Counselor and Life Coach

My name is Pamala Campbell, and I am the Founder of 3RDWAY.

With a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I have nearly 30 years of combined experience in counseling, coaching, mediation and professional training and development.

​I've dedicated my life to helping others deeply engage their gifts as they embark on the journey to become their authentic self.

​Are you ready to pursue your life's purpose and remove the barriers preventing you from living a joy-filled life? Give me a call! I'd love to walk alongside you on this journey.